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How an Aerosol Spray Can Works

What's inside your can of aerosol spray paint?  The contents of the aerosol spray can include the mixture (propellant, solvent, resin, pigment) and the cans' inner components (valve, dip tube, and our unique agitator disk).  Within the mixture, t
he resin binds the pigment particles to each other as well as adhering the entire coating to the substrate. The pigment provides the color.

To use the can, first remove the overcap and then vigorously shake the can. The shaking motion moves the disk throughout the can, thoroughly mixing and combining the pigments and resin with the solvent.

Shaking the can for at least a minute after the rattle is heard properly combines all contents so you are ready to paint.

The pushing down on the spray nozzle opens the valve, allowing the propellant to drive the paint out of the can and onto your work surface.  The propellant evaporates immediately.  The solvent carries the resin and pigment onto the work surface, slowly evaporating as the paint dries.
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