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Hi Tech Engine Enamels
  A special formulation for close work application which produces a coating of superior durability under various stress conditions. Restores original factory color to engines, transmissions, and other O.E.M. equipment.

Big Rig
A superior, lead-free industrial coating formulated for fleet maintenance applications where maximum performance is required. Available in many common fleet manufacturer colors. 

  Our newest line of primers and acrylic top coats.  All possess outstanding dry times, sanding characteristics, and adhesion.  The large fan sprayhead gives a professional looking application
without the prep time and cleanup hassles.

Stainless Steel
A special formulation containing stainless steel pigment to provide maximum corrosion resistance and protection against weather, sunlight, oil and water.  Dries quickly to a satin sheen finish. 

Chrome Brite
Unique spray paint that produces a brilliant high gloss, chrome-like aluminum finish.

Alumi Blast
A professional grade coating that restores aluminum castings to their original luster.  Formulated with acrylic resin for best adhesion and maximum durability. 

Spruce Engine Enamels
  A top quality spray paint that is economically priced. Spruce provides a tough finish that is durable and inhibits rust.  A wide selection of automotive OEM colors.

Farm and Industry
A superior, premium grade enamel formulated for maximum exterior durability and outstanding weather resistance.  Available in many popular implement manufacturer colors.

Quiet Seal 1
An autobody undercoating for application to undercarriage for rust protection and sound deadening.  Asphalt base undercoating remains pliable and resists temperature extremes.  Sprays evenly and dries completely to a smooth consistency.  Can be top coated with any of Seymour's automotive finishes.

Quiet Seal 2
A black, rubberized undercoating for all automobile under surfaces.  Sprays evenly and dries completely to a smooth consistency. Can be top coated with any of Seymour's automotive finishes.

Hot Spot
A special formulation designed to withstand temperatures up to 12000F (6480 C) on a continuous basis. Must be heat cured at a minimum temperature of 4000F for two hours.  Do not use a primer. 

Cast Blast
A professional grade coating that restores rebuilt cast iron engine parts to their original luster.  Hi solid formulation allows for more coverage than standard spray.  Resists light cleaning solvents such as mineral spirits. 

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