Creative Excellence, Worldwide Service

     Seymour strives to be creative and flexible in responding to the demands of our customers worldwide.   Nowhere are these efforts more apparent than in the rapidly changing global marketplace.  Seymour exports a full line of aerosol paints and chemicals, primarily to Europe, the Middle East, Canada and Mexico.   We recognize the value of giving customers the widest range of options and services.  Whether it is as simple as relabeling our proprietary products with your label or the formulation of a custom coating that is exclusively yours, our staff are experts at helping you creatively develop your brands. It's this creativeness combined with a commitment to flexible, personalized solutions that distinguishes us from our competitors.   Our products are readily available through an agent based in the United Kingdom - Seymour of Europe - as well as a growing network of master distributors around the globe.

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In addition to Seymour's quality products and regular services, international customers enjoy:

Volume discounts on container loads.
Shipments less than container-sized are arranged through nearby distributors.
Sample products. We supply free samples to prospective foreign customers.
Your custom color formulated, packaged and labeled to your exact specifications.
Reformulations of existing products to meet specific regulatory obligations.
Labeling in the language of your choice.
Tri-lingual labels (english, french, spanish).
Material safety data sheets in the language of your choice.
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