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One of the best reasons for choosing Seymour is that we recognize the value of giving customers the fullest range of service choices.  From simple label design to integrated merchandising support, our graphics staff are experts at helping customers innovatively promote their private brands in specific markets. Seymour customers benefit from eye-catching labels and unique point-of-purchase materials.  With Seymour's in-house graphics, prepress, and printing capabilities comes the assurance of quality, reliability and personalized attention-- backed by over 57 years of experience. Seymour produces millions of labels a year, both for our own line of proprietary products as well as customers who take advantage of our private label program.
This is how we can help:
Labels, product literature, and complete merchandising systems
Labels in multiple languages
Show displays and color cards
Photographs and digital imaging
Incorporate customer supplied logos, typography, and colors
Platemaking and camera-ready art
Black-and-white, two-color, and four-color printing process
Special paper coatings
Flexible scheduling
Direct communication with our staff
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