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PBE Quick Dry Sandable Primers
A professional grade primer specifically formulated to meet the performance needs of body shop personnel. Tough and dependable, this primer adheres extremely well to bare metal surfaces. Prevents rust and corrosion and enhances the quality and appearance of the finished product.

PBE Gray Filler Primer
Seymour Gray Filler Primer is a highly pigmented coating used to minimize the appearance of deep surface scratches and blemishes on metal surfaces.  Durable and tough, it dries fast to form a hard sandable base coat. Large fan sprayhead gives a professional looking application. 

PBE Weld Thru Primer
A smooth, cold galvanizing compound that dries to a durable, crack resistant coating to protect iron and steel surfaces.  Electrochemical galvanic action keeps on protecting even if scratched. Dry film is 90% pigment which results in less smoke and electrode wear when welding, and cuts faster than 100% zinc rich coatings.

PBE Professional Trim Paints
Seymour PBE Professional Trim paint is formulated using an acrylic resin that resists fading from ultraviolet light and degradation from chemicals.  Spray like a professional without the equipment, prep time, cleanup, or waste.

PBE Universal Solvent Blend
A specialized blend of solvents and propellant which can be used to aerosolize most enamel, lacquer, vinyl, and acrylic paints.

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