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Multi Purpose Sealant
A next generation multi-purpose sealant that adheres to any surface, with the flexibility and durability to hold up under the most demanding conditions.  Due to its thermoplastic elastomer base, this sealant will not crack in cold temperatures, is impervious to water, and protects substrates in corrosive environmental conditions.

Roof Paint
  A professional grade roof paint that closely matches the original color of most roofing materials.  Seamlessly blend the appearance of roofing accessories to asphalt shingles.  Touch-up scratches & abrasions before or after installation.  Not for anodized aluminum.

Alumi Match
A professional grade of touch-up paint that matches the color of most aluminum building structures.  Structural aluminum colors may vary by source, lot, run and age of substrate.  Not for anodized aluminum.    #16-50 Bronze

Epoxy Appliance Paint
A specially formulated product that dries to a porcelain hard finish with exceptional durability.  An aerosol epoxy finish is harder and more durable than standard enamels.  Appliance colors are formulated to match appliance industry standards.
#EP-502 White, #EP-522 Almond

Spray Glo Fluorescent Paints
  An ultra high visibility coating for any project that requires a brilliant color.  It has 400% greater visibility than regular paint.  When topcoated with Seymour’s UV resistant Clear coating, it provides exceptional outdoor durability. #16-121 

Stainless Steel
A special formulation containing stainless steel pigment to provide maximum corrosion resistance and protection against weather, sunlight, oil and water.  Authorized for use in food processing plants in the USA and Canada.  Dries quickly to a satin sheen finish.  It is recommended as a topcoat and not a primer.  A Seymour primer is always beneficial.   #16-54                                                    
Zinc Rich Galvanizing Primers
A line of smooth, cold galvanizing compound that dry to a durable, crack resistant coating.  Electrochemical galvanic action keeps on protecting even if scratched.  Available in varying zinc contents to meet even the most stringent bid requirements.

Rapid Seal
A tough, flexible, rubberized sealant for temporary or permanent applications on a variety of surfaces.  Elastic barrier seals out moisture. Comes with an easy to attach extension tube for access to those hard to reach areas.

Ceiling Tile Paint
A special water based formulation for touching up stains that appear on both textured and acoustical ceiling tiles. Must be used in an upright position and is activated by pressing sprayhead to the side.
#20-51 New White, #20-52 Old White

Good Grip
Seymour’s Good Grip aerosol is manufactured with a special  plastic bead suspended in an epoxy resin system.  Good Grip is designed to improve traction on most surfaces. 

Reflective Paint
A water-based aerosol coating which produces a bright colored reflection when lit by headlights or flashlights.  These coatings must be applied over the Aluminum Base Coat or over clean, bright metal to achieve the best results.  These coatings have excellent outdoor durability.  They will withstand intermittent but not continual immersion in water.

Hot Spot High Temperature Paint
A special formulation designed to withstand temperatures up to 12000F (6480 C) on a continuous basis. Must be heat cured at a minimum temperature of 4000F for two hours.  More than one coat may be required for full hide.  Do not use a primer. 
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