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  A superior, lead-free industrial coating formulated for maintenance operations where maximum performance is required.  This high solids paint does not run or sag, and gives twice the coverage of conventional aerosol enamels. 

Hi Tech
A premium grade paint formulated for general purpose applications where maximum indoor/outdoor coating performance is required.  Available in popular high gloss, semi-gloss, and flat finishes. 

A top quality spray paint that is economically priced. Spruce provides a tough finish that is durable and inhibits rust.  A complete line of high gloss colors, with some available in semi-gloss and flat finishes. 

Fresh and Quick
A high quality paint available in a wide range of popular colors and economically priced.  Black and white available in a gloss or a flat finish. 

Great American Colors
  A high quality paint available in a wide range of popular colors and economically priced.

Big Rig
Formulated with the heavy duty owner/operator in mind, this high solids coating works best in fleet maintenance applications where maximum performance is required.  Resists fading, chipping, and corrosion.

Designed for the quality conscious paint and body professional, these products prevent rust and corrosion and enhance the quality and appearance of the finished product.  Eliminates the need for a spray gun for small repairs, reducing cleanup time. 

Tool Crib Lubricants and Cleaners

  Maintaining your equipment is a snap with our complete line of 20 ounce lubricants, cleaners, and specialties. 

From utilities and construction to recreational and maintenence applications, Seymour offers a Stripe product to suit every need.  Dependable performance and a wide selection of applicator tools and accessories to do the job right.

Farm and Industry
A superior, premium grade enamel formulated for maximum exterior durability and outstanding weather resistance.  Available in many popular implement manufacturer colors.
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