Z-500  Paint Crank

The Paint Crank is a professional paint injection tool. Use it to easily aerosolize almost any custom water or solvent-based paint or stain color in minutes. The Paint Crank is perfect for do it yourselfers, contractors or decorators. This manually operated aerosol can filling tool is the first of its kind to allow you to fill cans at a job site.  It's easy to operate and cleans up in a snap. 
Universal Water Blend Cans   A unique blend of water, solvents and propellant which will aerosolize most water bsed and latex paints.  Non-flammable with low odor.

16-393   Universal Water Blend A standard 16 ounce can that sprays upright.
16-396   Athletic Water Blend  
A 16 ounce can with a T-tip sprayhead that sprays upside down.  Ideal for school logos on athletic fields.
Universal Solvent Based Cans  A specialized blend of solvents and propellant which can be used to aerosolize most enamel, lacquer, acrylic, and vinyl paints.

16-395    Universal Solvent Blend  A standard 16 ounce can that sprays upright.
16-1681  PBE Solvent Blend          A standard 16 ounce can that sprays upright.  Comes with a sprayhead that allows for more precise, detailed applications.
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