Z-620 T-Handle Athletic Field Marking Machine

For use with Stripe Athletic Field Marking paints. This upgraded
machine includes a T-Handle which offers greater control and
maneuverability on athletic fields and other turf surfaces which will
result in straighter and more defined lines. In addition the larger 11”
wheels provides smoother striping on uneven ground while still
maintaining a stripe width of 2” – 5”. All steel construction with the
ability to store an extra case of paint the Z-620 works with both the
Seymour 20oz (20-644) and 24oz (24-644) athletic aerosol products.

Features and Benefits:
11’ Wheels – smooth striping on uneven surfaces
T-Handle – better control for straighter and defined lines
Can be used with both 20oz and 24oz (Tall) aerosol cans
Adjustable for stripe width – 2” – 5”

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