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About Seymour Paint
About Seymour Paint

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Seymour is the brand of choice for pros and DIYers who demand excellence on the first coat. We consistently deliver unsurpassed quality, selection, and value through a comprehensive line of premium products that is trusted around the world.

Seymour paints are used every day across the nation to keep our communities beautiful and our lives colorful. Our paints are used on roads and highways to keep us safe; they are applied to athletic fields on which our children play; they are used on our cars and in our homes, even on farms and industrial equipment.

As the inventor of aerosol paint, our company’s founder, Ed Seymour, spawned a global industry and changed the way the world paints. We are proud of our heritage of ingenuity and our standing as the largest family-owned and privately held aerosol paint manufacturer in the United States.

Today, Seymour is an industry leader that continues to enhance people’s lives throughout the country and across the globe. Our legacy of innovation endures with a diverse line of premium paints, spray paints, coatings, and chemicals. Whether at home, in the garage, or on the jobsite, the world turns to Seymour for the jobs that matter most.

Seymour Spray Paint Patent

First We Invented Aerosol Paint. Then We Perfected It. Now we do so much More.

The Seymour legacy began in 1949 in Sycamore, Illinois, when founder Ed Seymour devised a novelty spray can to demonstrate an aluminum paint he had created for painting steam radiators. Based on the same principle as spray deodorizers and insecticides, the device featured a small can of paint equipped with an aerosol propellant and fitted with a spray head.

Though intended to show sales prospects how the paint would look when applied to surfaces, the aerosol sprayer proved so popular that Ed borrowed a few thousand dollars from a local bank to develop this revolutionary idea. Soon after perfecting the first spray can, Ed and the employees of his new company formulated the paint, which was mixed and filled with aerosol using a combination of customized and specially engineered machinery.

Many changes took place over the following decades. From the 1950s through the early 1960s, Seymour products were sold primarily to hardware wholesalers and paint distributors. Formulas and manufacturing processes were modified and improved to achieve the uncompromising quality Ed Seymour demanded.

Continued innovations and increased distribution into larger markets led to dramatic expansion for Seymour. Following the launch of our Automotive Division in the mid-1960s, we expanded further, providing refinish coatings and touch-up paints to the automotive aftermarket.

Seymour added private label programs during the 1970s. The newly formed Industrial Division introduced a line of protective coatings for industrial and commercial equipment maintenance. International exports became a larger component of our business, leading to even further growth.

Ongoing research and development positioned Seymour as an industry leader throughout the 1980s. Our company introduced water-based traffic paint and inverted tip markers for striping paint, and Cast Blast, an OE cast-iron finish used on rebuilt engine blocks.

Today, Seymour continues to lead our industry in quality, value, and innovation. We are committed to keeping our communities safe, bright, and beautiful with a range of trusted products and services.

Our Commitment to the Environment and Our Employees

Seymour is thoroughly committed to protecting the natural environment and ensuring the wellbeing of our team. This means not only providing a safe, clean, and healthy workplace, but also fulfilling our legal and social responsibilities within the community.

As a leader in the aerosol industry, Seymour voluntarily phased out harmful ozone-depleting chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) propellants, even before the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration issued regulations prohibiting CFC use in aerosols in 1978.

Our technical experts have developed advanced coatings with waterborne and high-solid resins as an alternative to traditional solvent-based polymers. Seymour products do not contain lead, cadmium, mercury, chromates, or chlorinated solvents.

In 1991, California enacted the nation’s strictest limits on emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which produce ground-level ozone. Seymour was the first company to comply with these limits and strives to be proactive in reformulating our products to meet these changing regulations.