Professional-Grade paints & coatings with metal paste inside the pigment for that factory-fresh appearance.


Industrial-Grade, High-Solids Professional Coatings for Maintenance, Repair & Operation applications where maximum performance is required.

Automotive Specialty

Specialty Paints & Coatings for the Automotive Professional & DIYer.


Professional Products for Collision Repair, Paint & Body Shops.


A complete line of professional chemical and lubricant products that will keep your equipment clean and running smoothly.


Premium, High-Quality Engine Enamels & General Use Spray Paints.


Budget-friendly enamels, lacquers, engine paints & primers in a wide range of colors.



General-Use Enamels for budget-conscious projects.


Easy-to-Use, Professional & DIY Aerosol Products Designed to Protect, Restore and Renew areas around your home – Inside and out.

Good Grip

Textured, slip-resistant coatings designed to improve traction on most surfaces.

Hot Spot

A special formulation that can withstand temperatures up to 1200°F on a continuous basis.


Specialty paints, primers and coatings


Durable paints designed to match your original flashing, vents, chimney caps, window frames, siding, gutters and other roof accessories.

Clean & Detail

A complete line of clean & detail products


Professional Ground Marking Paints for Marking Utility, Traffic & Athletic Lines.

Stripe Athletic

Stripe Accessories

Paint Accessories

Big Rig

Industrial-Grade, High-Solids Professional Coatings for fleet maintenance applications where maximum performance is required.


A powerful chemical formula that protects the gel coat and a variety of painted surfaces against weathering by adding a slick high gloss finish.

Adventure Prepared

Tree & Industrial

Spray paint designed for marking trees, grading steel, identifying lumber, mine marking and other industrial uses where color coding is required.

Farm & Industry

Industrial spray enamel that is ideal for touch-up on farm tractors, implements, industrial and construction equipment.


An economical marking paint for the petrochemical, forestry, lumber industries and other industrial uses.

Spray Glo

An ultra high visibility spray paint for any project that requires a brilliant color.