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As the inventor of aerosol spray paint, our company's founder, Ed Seymour, spawned a global industry and changed the way the world paints. Today Seymour of Sycamore Inc. brings over 70 years of experience as an industry leader, helping our customers with private label products and programs in the industrial, hardware, automotive, marine and specialty retail segments.

Seymour offers a wide selection of aerosol products that give maximum performance, consistent results, and tremendous value. We can work with you to choose the right performance characteristics and packaging to deliver a quality product at a competitive price. We offer:

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If you would like to develop your own unique brand, our chemists and technicians can guide you through the process of designing a formula that meets your specific criteria.

This could include

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Seymour's robust Laboratory, Graphic Design, Quality Control, Sales, Customer Service, and Regulatory Departments provide responsive support during each stage of the product lifecycle.

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