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Welcome! Seymour of Sycamore is the manufacturer of quality spray paints and chemicals since 1949.  We serve the automotive, industrial, and hardware markets.  Our products are manufactured in Sycamore, Illinois, and distributed throughout the United States and the world.
Concrete and Asphalt Renew

Permanent marking paints that remain on streets and sidewalks after they're needed can be a nuisance.  Seymour Concrete and Asphalt Renew will cover up those marks, helping you avoid the time and expense of using paint stripper.  Both are quick dry, highly durable, and are compatible with our Z-604 marking machine.Try them today!

Stripe Penalty Marker

This innovative product is a vanishing white foam that allows soccer referees to mark where players may stand during free kicks.  Prevents disputes about defensive wall location.  The biodegradable formulation disappears in minutes, does not stain shoes, and is safe for grass.  The can is triggered with your index finger, and fits conveniently into a pocket or small holster. 
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Seymour Testimonials!

Kyle, Glendale, CA
"I like to use Seymour Alumi-Blast. It's an industrial rattle-can that gives the a finish similar to cast or bead-blasted aluminum. Nice on alternators, fan and rocker covers. It's very natural in appearance, reasonably rugged and easy to touch-up. Thanks guys you rock"

Jimmy, Dubuque, Iowa
"I started by restoring the metal with Seymour Alumi-Blast paint, I also tried to clean up the electrical plugs as good as possible. Looking to use the same for my next Honda purchase sometime next month. Thank you!!"

Kris, Columbus, Ohio
"I used a different product on the manifold called hi-temp Cast Blast from Seymour Paints. It is the same ceramic type paint, but looks like new cast iron. They sell it in both hi temp and regular versions, so make sure you buy the right one. Looks good"

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