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Ground Marking

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2K Protective Coating!

75th Anniversary

Since 1949. Trusted by Pros. Made for Everyone.

Trusted by Pros. Made for Everyone.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a do-it-yourselfer, you can trust Seymour’s premium paints and coatings for the projects that matter - on the job site, at home, or in the garage.


Formulated with real metal paste for the perfect finish.

Pristine Green

Revitalize your outdoor space and bring life to your yard and shrubs

Find Your Perfect Solution

Whatever project you’re facing, you can count on Seymour to provide unsurpassed quality, selection, and value. Our line of premium products is trusted around the world to handle a wide range of commercial and DIY projects. Find your ideal solution now.

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First We Invented Aerosol Paint. Then We Perfected It. Now we do so much More.

In 1949, Ed Seymour mixed paint and aerosol in a can and topped it with a spray head. His creation was intended to demonstrate an aluminum coating for painting radiators and ended up changing the world. Today, aerosol paints have become a global phenomenon used by millions of professionals and DIYers in countless applications. We are proud to continue a legacy of excellence in our entire line of premium products.

Quality Paints & Coatings for Every Project

on the site job
On the Job Site

Tackle your toughest industrial and commercial jobs with the most durable products on the market. See for yourself why our powerful paints and coatings have been the choice of industry professionals for more than 70 years.

At Home

Transform walls, upcycle furniture, or put the final touches on your latest home project. Our wide range of fast-drying, non-peeling, chip-resistant options can exceed all of your home indoor, outdoor, and DIY needs.

home projects
garage projects
In the Garage

Seymour is the preferred choice of professionals for quality auto paint. Whether you are changing the look of your vehicle or need a perfect color match for touch-ups, we offer an array of options and precision color matches that are held to the highest quality control standards.

Signature Quality
Through Our Private
Label Program

Seymour provides unparalleled value, expertise, and business solutions for our private label customers. Our ability to color-match precisely, offer low minimum order requirements, and deliver world-class customer service and support makes us an ideal choice for any enterprise.